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Free social program for contest participants

Dear pianists, dear parents,

In addition to the idea of competition, the exchange, meeting and community among you is also important to us! Learning from each other, talking to each other, sharing something with each other and also doing something together promotes the so important contacts among each other and is simply fun!

Since we would like all participants to stay until the end of the competition on Sunday evening, we offer you a free social program. Unfortunately, the participants of AG VII have nothing of it, because they are busy with their competition performance on Sunday.

But everyone else has time and we hope to sweeten this time for them with our offers!

We now present our offers to you, ask you to tick the events you wish to attend in the table "Offers and times of the free social program" and return them by mail by Tuesday, 28.02.2023 at the latest.

This is necessary because we can only book the events bindingly when we know how many have registered.

We ask you to consider your registrations for this as binding, as we have to pay for all events and it would be annoying for us if you don't come then!

In principle, you will be accompanied by two adults on the short way there and back or on the short way there and back to all offers. For some events (Opel Zoo, Rhein-Main-Therme), the accompaniment of at least one parent is mandatory, for some not (Kronberg Castle, Königstein Art Workshop).

Our free social program for your free time!

  • Opel Zoo
  • The Young Castle
  • Art Workshop Königstein
  • Rhine-Main-Therme
  • Street music with the open air piano

The Opel Zoo

The zoo is a real highlight for all ages with everything your heart desires. You will first get a one-hour guided tour and then you are allowed to explore the zoo on your own. Great playgrounds with climbing forest, ropeway, ball pool, trampoline, zip line, slides and much more, restaurants, petting zoo, camel and pony rides and of course many, many animals invite you to an extensive stay. The card is always valid until the zoo closes towards evening.

At least one parent must accompany the participant. He/she will also receive free entry. Young people traveling alone to the competition can participate without a parent. Since we offer other activities, the return trip is predetermined, but it is also possible for parent/guardian and child to stay at the zoo on their own responsibility or to leave beforehand.

We offer this event including a one-hour guided tour on Friday afternoon, Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. You can book the options in the form (see below).

The Young Castle of Kronberg Castle

On Saturday morning and Sunday morning the Young Castle of Kronberg Castle offers one event each:

Escape Room with Anette Schäfer for a maximum of 10 children aged 9 to 12 on Saturday mornings.

Gameplay: "The castle is surrounded by enemies. Only you can free it. Together you solve puzzles and find the safe way out of the castle. Suspense guaranteed!"

Age-appropriate guided tour for a maximum of 23 young people aged 13 to 16 with Inge Freise on Sunday mornings.

The venue is a few minutes walk away. Participants take part without their parents and, as in all events, are accompanied by two adult companions.

Art Workshop Königstein

Fun with painting and drawing small works of art for children aged 6 to 10 years. Duration approx. 2 hours on Saturday morning, the artworks can be taken home.

Children participate without their parents and are accompanied by two adult chaperones, as in all events.

Rhein-Main-Therme Hofheim

On Saturday afternoon we offer a stay of several hours for parents and their children in the water world of this beautiful spa. Accompaniment of at least one parent is mandatory, as we do not offer supervision and exclude any liability. Parents also receive free admission.

Parental consent is required for youth who swim safely, travel to the competition without parents, and wish to visit the spa.

Please be sure to bring a swimsuit and towel!

Street music with the open air piano

At the Berliner Platz in Kronberg, 400 m away from the Casals Forum will be from Thursday, 30.04.2023 to Sunday, 02.04.2023 a painted piano to make music. The location is ideal with the adjacent park, fountains and cafes for street music and maybe you can earn a few euros and have desire to delight the citizens of Kronberg with your art!

The piano is protected from the rain under the arcades from 8 am to 8 pm. We wish you a lot of fun!