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Casals Forum

March 31 - April 2, 2023


An international piano competition in which young pianists make music at the highest level, in which they receive valuable feedback from a top-class jury, in which excellent conditions and outstanding organization inspire them, in which the wonderful atmosphere of the Casals Forum combines professionalism and cordiality, in which fun is not neglected and a supporting program invites you to get to know each other and do things together - that is your International Piano Competition for Young Pianists Kronberg.
that is your International Piano Competition for Young Pianists Kronberg!


"Brilliant start for young pianists".

"But the Kronberg International Piano Competition for Young Pianists showed such professionalism at all levels that even visitors with competition experience were amazed."

"All in all, this staging of the first International Piano Competition for Young Pianists Kronberg was a complete success, as there was something so pleasing about the performances on stage, the wonderful organization and the overall atmosphere that one was edified that a competition can do this as well."


"I'm fascinated. This is really great skill!"

"Already during the intermission, the audience raves. "Simply unbelievable!"

"I've never heard anything like it. Simply gigantic," it whispers through the ranks."

Taunus Newspaper

"The 6 to 19 year olds played music with such personal expressiveness, beauty of sound, musical understanding and perfection that even the jury was overwhelmed."

"Both the participants and their families and the audience found the organization of auditions and the warm and personal atmosphere of the competition outstanding."

"The concert program left nothing to be desired in the breadth of its spectrum."

Taunus News

"An impressive display of hopeful young talent."

"With so many hopeful aspects, one may think of a continuation of the promising competition."

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ)

Award winner

1. Prize = 750€ - 2. Prize = 500€ - 3. Prize = 250€

NingDarwin1st Prize
BeyerAmélie Mayumi1st Prize
ZhangEileen Hanyu2nd Prize
WeiElise3rd Prize
HollmerFrieda Magdalene1st Prize
KitaKaren1st Prize
GuToni2nd Prize
VozňukValentina2nd Prize
ChmurovaMaria3rd Prize
WagnerSophie Elizabeth1st Prize
ZhuMaximilian Hongcheng2nd Prize
BeyerChloé Ayumi2nd Prize
BastiaensAkari2nd Prize
ZhuMartin3rd Prize
AokiSophia Yumi3rd Prize
BarzinjyBale (Shad)3rd Prize
ZhangShukai3rd Prize
KokhanovskiiDeni1st Prize
YuanLinda2nd Prize
NeumannElena2nd Prize
HimpelMarie Elisa2nd Prize
TamuraSona3rd Prize
WangEva3rd Prize
ShiHenry3rd Prize
AkopianAdam3rd Prize
WangTantan1st Prize
RauchSebastian3rd Prize
MandlerClara3rd Prize
HajeSimon1st Prize
BrechlerToby Olias2nd Prize
ZakharovaSofia3rd Prize

Special prices

Extraordinary prize money for the winners of the first, second and third prizes of over € 14,000.
In addition, nine valuable special prizes worth a total of € 7,500.

Masterclasses - Feedback from our special award winners

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Tantan Wang

16 years old, Germany

In June, thanks to the Yaro Talent Award, I had the opportunity to go to YARO in Rostock. 

The rather long drive was worth it - the conservatory is really a beautiful place! 

My stay was great organized and the lessons with Mrs. Grigoryan were not only exciting but really fun. I am glad to have had this opportunity and thank you very much!

Thank you very much again for the great unforgettable contest and also the Yaro Talent Award Prize!

It was great in Rostock, great classes, great place!

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Sofia Zakharova

17 years old, Germany

I really enjoyed both the master class at YARO and the location (including the hotel)!

Ms. Grigoryan is very professional and competent and at the same time extremely friendly. I actually got practical advice from her that I now like to implement in the work we went through together in the master class. I also liked that we immediately found a common language, so the lessons were interesting and exciting!

In conclusion, I would like to say that I would love to participate in the master class again! Thank you for this great opportunity to spend great days in the beautiful seaside city of Rostock and to participate in this wonderful masterclass in Rostock!

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Henry Shi

13 years old, Switzerland

Dear Professor Schellenberger,

I would like to thank you very much for the wonderful master class that my son Henry attended on Friday at the Mainz Conservatory. I am impressed by your professionalism, kindness and cordiality, which made a great impression on Henry.

Her lessons were very effective and Henry not only improved his piano technique, but also gained a lot of musical knowledge. 

It was particularly impressive that he could play the Op.90 piece by Beethoven and the pieces from Fugitive Visions by Prokofiev one step higher.

Thank you again for your excellent work and for supporting Henry so wonderfully in his musical development. We are grateful for the time you have dedicated to us.

Sincerely yours,

Min Shi

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Linda Yuan


12 years old, Germany

Dear Mrs. Danne-Feldmann,

Linda was at the master class of Professor Kirschnereit in Füssen. She was happy about it.

Linda received many good tips from Professor Kirschnereit during the course. In the final concert of the master class in the beautiful Kaisersaal of Füssen Linda also performed well (unfortunately no photos because of local regulations).

Thank you for your MK award again.

Kind regards
Dr. Yan P. Yuan

Supporting program

Community, exchange, time to get to know each other - our competition also offers this with many exciting and free activities away from auditions. At the Opel-Zoo Kronberg, the Rhein-Main-Therme Hofheim, the Kunstwerkstatt Königstein, the Junge Burg Kronberg and the Freiluftklavier our young pianists and their families had a lot of fun despite the bad weather.

#freiluftklavier #opelzoo #kunstwerkstattkoenigstein #jungeburgkronberg #rheinmaintherme