Dear contest participants,

please note that no exceptions can be made in the rules for the application. 

Before you start recording, carefully read the video recording instructions.

We ask for your understanding, look forward to your application and wish you every success!

Digital preliminary round repertoire (video)

The repertoire requirements for the digital preliminary round are identical to the repertoire requirements for the competition. Thus, depending on the age group, two to three contributions (complete works/movements/pieces) from two to three epochs must be performed. The repertoire played may be taken from the competition program, but does not have to be. Other contributions may also be chosen. The length of the video is not fixed.

In the registration only the program of the video is requested, the repertoire of the presence round must be announced only after admission to the competition on 18.02.2023. The info about it will be sent by mail.

When registering, the starting times of each work played must be indicated.


  1. (00:10) L. v. Beethoven: Piano sonata in F minor op.2 No.1, 1st movement: Allegro
  2. (4:15) J.S. Bach: Prelude and Fugue in C minor BWV 847, WTK I
  3. (7:45) F. Chopin: Scherzo in B flat minor op. 31
Only one application video per participant can be submitted for digital preselection.

IMPORTANT: You must record your own video for the piano competition. The videos recorded for other piano competitions will not be accepted. All pieces must be recorded in ONE video file. Breaks between pieces are allowed, but the recording must continue.

At the beginning of the video, the participant or another person holds a sheet of paper in front of the camera for about 5 seconds with his/her first and last name and age group and the name of the repertoire or contributions played in large block letters.

If you have very long contributions in the program, you can also make longer pauses between the contributions. In the meantime, however, the recording must continue. The application video can then become very long, but that's no problem at all - the length of the video is not fixed.

ATTENTION: The videos without the name tag before the beginning of the recording will not be admitted to the digital preliminary round. Subsequent editing of the video is not allowed.

After that, the program is played.

The recording of the played program must be completely uncut and unedited!

Zooms and tracking shots are not permitted.

Video recording has to be done at a distance of 2 - 4 meters from the instrument

Keyboard, upper body and hands must be clearly visible.

Absolute silence must prevail in the recording room.

Shooting with a smartphone may only be done in landscape format.

The camera/smartphone stands still, do not film from your hand.

You then upload the video via YouTube or Vimeo. For this, you must have/open your own YouTube account.

The link to the video must be provided in the registration form.