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About us

"Without music, life would be a mistake"
Friedrich W. Nietzsche

Ulrike Danne-Feldmann about the piano competition Kronberg

...because music unites us.

"As Artistic Director of the competition, my focus is not only on high artistic standards and the idea of the competition, but also on community, shared experiences, exchange and a warm atmosphere.

These ideals find their perfect implementation in the choice of the competition venue, the Casals Forum.

In the name of the association"International Piano Competition Taunus e. V." I would like to thank the Kronberg Academy that we are allowed to be guests there!"

About the association

In August 2022, music-loving citizens in Kelkheim got together to found the non-profit association "International Piano Competition Taunus e.V.". Their passion for promoting art and culture led to the plan to organize a piano competition for children and young people, today's "International Piano Competition for Young Pianists Kronberg".

The idea of organizing such a competition came from the initiators of the founding of the association, Prof. Dr. Gerhard Hücker and the pianist and graduate piano teacher Ulrike Danne-Feldmann.

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Hücker, a passionate piano player, was a young piano student at the Folkwang Hochschule für Musik Essen in his youth. The passion for playing the piano never left him - his dream has always been to offer young pianists a stage in the form of a piano competition that allows them to grow in their musical development.

In Ulrike Danne-Feldmann he found a partner to whom the promotion of a highly qualified musical education, the support of young talents, the mediation and dissemination of classical music in society is equally close to her heart. Her love of music has accompanied her all her life. For 40 years, she has been setting impulses in her teaching and concerts to make the beauty and depth of classical music accessible to all. She is committed to a high quality of musical education combined with joy of playing and ease! The competition offers the opportunity to combine these goals.

We as an association are happy to find more and more music-loving and motivated citizens who share our passion and goals and are willing to become members and/or get involved financially as well as ideally!

This support helps us a lot because, as a non-profit association, we finance the competition, which takes place every two years, through donations and membership fees. We are grateful to have found reputable sponsors who endorse our idea and make the competition possible in the first place with their financial support.

We would be delighted if you would join our circle of members, supporters, partners and sponsors!

Responsible in the sense of the press law is the board of the association, represented by its chairman Ewald Feldmann, Geierfeld 49, D-65812 Bad Soden Ts. You can reach the association via the e-mail address