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Transparent Civil Society Initiative

Our mission statement

Transparency and open communication are important to us. They are the basis for trusting cooperation with institutions and people. That is why we have joined the Transparent Civil Society Initiative. We are committed to making the following ten pieces of information available to the public and keeping them up to date.

To comprehensively and sustainably promote young talents between the ages of 6 and 19, to set impulses, to make a difference, to stand up for art, culture and international understanding, to give young pianists a special, enriching and motivating experience with our competition - we dedicate ourselves passionately and with great commitment to these goals as the non-profit organization "International Piano Competition Taunus e. V.".

The three-day organization of the "International Piano Competition for Young Pianists Kronberg" every two years is therefore a very special concern for us. The first very successful edition took place in 2023, and from March 21 to 23, 2025, the competition will be held for the second time in the Casals Forum of Kronberg Academy, once again under the patronage of Minister President Boris Rhein.

Our competition has an innovative concept. It is also characterized internationally by prizes in seven age groups - promotion of young talents under the age of 12 - numerous and valuable special prizes with a focus on promotion - participation in master classes, concert appearances, professional audio and video recordings, etc. - a top-class jury(Prof. Matthias Kirschnereit, Prof. Claudia Schellenberger, Prof. Christian A. Pohl, Ulrike Danne-Feldmann), optimal conditions, a high level of quality in all areas as well as a high standard of musicianship.Matthias Kirschnereit, Prof. Claudia Schellenberger, Prof. Christian A. Pohl, Ulrike Danne-Feldmann), optimal conditions, a high standard in all areas as well as a very personal and warm atmosphere and offers the young talents plenty of opportunity for exchange and fellowship, including a free supporting program. The auditions are open to the public and admission is free. We want to make the competition a celebration for everyone involved, a holistic, impressive and very special event that stands out from other competitions due to its quality, content concept and family atmosphere and focuses on the development of young talent. Our values, which are based on a humanistic view of mankind, are summarized in our code of ethics.

We are convinced that more culture leads to more inner education and education of the heart. Our ideal of a competition as a place of encounter between the young talents themselves, their families, the audience, the jury and all those involved provides impetus for understanding and learning from one another. It provides impetus for the musical, pianistic and personal development of the young talents and, with the international nature of the competition, for tolerance and understanding between cultures. In 2023, both Ukrainian and Russian participants played in the competition.

On our homepage we have therefore also quoted the great pianist Rudolf Buchbinder:

"The power of music enables a unifying mission that no other language is prepared to achieve on this scale. My small part in this is my ten fingers, my head, my heart and the black and white keys."

We are the only international piano competition in Hessen with this target group and concept and even the only international competition of its kind in Germany that places so much emphasis on cooperation, learning from each other and individual support.

So wrote PianoNews 2023:

"But the International Piano Competition for Young Pianists Kronberg was so professional on all levels that even visitors experienced in competitions were amazed. (...) All in all, this staging of the first International Piano Competition for Young Pianists Kronberg was a complete success, because the performances on stage, the wonderful organization and the overall atmosphere had something so pleasant that one was edified that a competition can also achieve this."

It is our deepest wish to realize this in all future events.


Information on the organization

Name: International Piano Competition Taunus e. V.

Association address: Geierfeld 49, D-65812, Bad Soden Ts.

Registered office: D-65779, Kelkheim

Register court: AG Königstein

Register number: VR 1480

Year of foundation: 2022


Statutes of the association

The aim of the association is to promote young pianists within the framework of an international piano competition. The competition aims to offer talented children and young people a stage. It aims to convey the joy of making music and to sustainably promote the level and quality of music-making as well as special talents.


Notice from the tax office

The association "International Piano Competition Taunus e. V." was granted non-profit status by the Hofheim am Taunus tax office on 16.09.2022.


Decision maker

1st Chairman: Ewald Feldmann

2nd Chairwoman: Ulrike Danne-Feldmann, Secretary

3rd Chairwoman: Victoria Hücker, Treasurer

Auditor 1: Andreas M.

Auditor 2: Peer V.


Report on the activities of the association

  • Development of the competition concept
  • Creation of the competition portfolio Design concept, website, flyers, brochures, postcards, posters, banners, MediaKit.
  • Advertising for the competition Press (interviews), radio, advertisements, outdoor advertising (city, bus), newsletters, mailings (international) and personal discussions
  • Communication and advice for candidates and piano teachers
  • Acquisition of donations and sponsorship funds Letters, applications, personal meetings
  • Prize money and special prizes Design of the first and other prizes worth €14,000 (trophies, certificates) and creation of 9 valuable special prizes worth €9,000
  • Selection of the jurors
  • Digital pre-selection round Organization of the digital pre-selection for over 300 applicants from 33 countries with the subsequent admission of 62 competition participants from 11 countries.
  • Tasks related to the competition: - Organizing volunteers and managing tasks during the competition
    - Artists' table with free drinks and snacks
    - Planning the play-in and rehearsal times
    - Selection of flower arrangements
    - Organization of the singers
    - Organization of hostesses and medical service
  • Development of a high-quality program booklet (DIN A5) >> to the program booklet
  • The auditions Implementation of auditions from 31.03.-03.04.2023 for 62 participants according to the previously defined repertoire and schedule by age group.
  • The prizewinners' concert Presentation of the prizewinners' concert in Casals Forum with awarding of prizes, special prizes and an audience prize.
  • Professional sound and video recordings Organization of professional sound and video accompaniment - Recording of all auditions and worldwide live broadcast (YouTube and Facebook) of the prizewinners' concert with over 350 spectators
  • The supporting program Organization of a free and varied supporting program for the participants and their families
  • Follow-up of the competition Transfer of prize money, press release for online print mass media, newsletter, redesign/update of the website
  • GEMA Regulation of the rights for the performance of the repertoire with GEMA
  • Performing the tasks of the association Performing all tasks of the association's work, holding a general meeting.
  • Preparation of the next event on 21-23.03.2025 - Acquisition of donations and sponsorship money
    - Working with the press
    - Organization of contracts with the venue
    - Advertising: Newsletter, MediaKit

Personnel structure

The personnel structure of the association comprises 3 board members who carry out all organizational tasks for the implementation of the competition on a voluntary basis.

The association has no contractual relationships with full-time employees, freelancers, marginally employed persons, persons performing community service or persons performing voluntary service.

During the three-day event, 11 volunteers support the Executive Board.



All proceeds of the association are used to organize the International Piano Competition for Young Pianists Kronberg.

Cash balance 31.12.2022: € 4,120.40


Corporate affiliation with third parties

The association has no social ties with third parties.


Donors and sponsors

There are no legal entities or natural persons whose annual contributions account for more than 10% of total annual income.