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March 21-23, 2025



The 2nd International Piano Competition for Young Pianists Kronberg will take place on March 21-23, 2025.

The competition and auditions will take place from Friday, 9 a.m. to Sunday, 2 p.m. at the Casals Forum, Beethovenplatz 1, 61476 Kronberg/Ts. The subsequent prizewinners' concert with award ceremony begins on Sunday, 23.03.2025 at 5 pm. Duration approx. 2.5 hours.

>>Here you can find the program of the prizewinners' concert 2023.


Eligible are all pianists who, on the day of the beginning of the competition, have reached the age of

  • have reached the age of 6 and
  • have not yet reached the age of 20.

Youth enrolled full-time in a music degree program are excluded from the competition. Young students are admitted.

Individuals who have had an ongoing teaching relationship, public or private, with a jury member in the past 2 years are not eligible to participate.

The competition is public in all parts. The collection and processing of personal data is mandatory for the planning and implementation of the competition. The organizer assures the compliance with corresponding data protection regulations.

Private video and audio recordings during the competition are not permitted. The organizer will make video and audio recordings, the rights of use of which each participant transfers to the organizer free of charge. Claims for fees are inadmissible.

Each participant in the competition will receive a professional, free audio and video recording of their performance at the competition. The recording of the prizewinners will be posted online after approval by the prizewinners or their legal guardians.

The organizer is not liable for personal injury and property damage arising in connection with the events of the competition.

In case of disagreement, the text of the German-language invitation to tender shall apply. The place of jurisdiction is the court responsible for the venue Kronberg.


Admission to the competition

Admission to the competition is via a digital pre-selection. Registration is open from 01.10.2024 to 11.01.2025. Three jury members will decide on admission based on the videos submitted >>to the jury's procedure.

The results of the digital preliminary round will be published on 08.02.2025, the day of admission, under "Results". All participants will also be informed of the publication by email.

>> Instructions for recording the application videos

The decisions of the jury are final and unappealable.

The jury is looking forward to every video that is submitted and would like to thank all the young pianists! They highly value the commitment and joy of playing the piano!

Due to the time limit of the competition, a pre-selection by the digital preliminary round is necessary. Approximately 60 participants can be admitted. A rejection therefore in no way means that the talent and pianistic abilities of the applicant are called into question!

Each participant will receive a certificate of participation.

Repertoire of the digital preliminary round

The repertoire requirements for the digital preliminary round are identical to the repertoire requirements for the competition . The following repertoire requirements therefore apply to the digital preliminary round:

>> to the repertoire requirements

The repertoire played in the digital preliminary round and the competition may be the same/identical, but other entries may also be chosen!

The length of the video is freely selectable.


Age group
Playing time

AG I: born 2018/2019
(up to and including 21.03.2019)

5-10 minutes

at least two contributions (complete works/movements/pieces) from at least two epochs  


AG II: born 2016/2017

5-10 minutes

at least two contributions (complete works/movements/pieces) from at least two epochs


AG III: born 2014/2015

10-15 minutes

at least three contributions (complete works/movements/pieces) from at least two epochs


AG IV: born 2012/2013

10-15 minutes

at least three contributions (complete works/movements/pieces) from at least two epochs


AG V: born 2010/2011

15-20 minutes

at least three contributions (complete works/movements/pieces) from at least three epochs


AG VI: born 2008/2009

15-20 minutes

at least three contributions (complete works/movements/pieces) from at least three epochs


AG VII: born 2005 (after 23.03.2005)/2006/2007

20-25 minutes

at least three contributions (complete works/movements/pieces) from at least three epochs

Important notes on the repertoire

In the choice of repertoire, original literature - no arrangements - and a variety of epochs are desired.

Epochs are defined as:
a) Baroque
b) Classical
c) Romantic/Late Romantic
d) Impressionism
e) Expressionism/Modernism

The pieces should correspond to the ability and musical understanding of the participants and be selected in a contrasting and diverse manner.

Memorized playing is not obligatory and does not count towards the score. Misplaced notes must be played from original notes.

The order of the participants is based on their age, the youngest starts.

Two unsolicited reading copies of contemporary compositions must be made available to the jury for the duration of the competition.

If the maximum playing time is exceeded, the jury is entitled to stop the performance. The minimum playing time must not be undercut.

The repertoire can be changed by the participants until 22.02.2025. The change must be submitted in writing. After this date, a change no longer has to be accepted.

The use of copies of protected works/protected editions is prohibited in compliance with copyright law, unless otherwise specified by the rights holder.

A page turner will not be provided by the organizer.

It is recommended that participants bring their own pedal raisers. Two pedal raisers can be borrowed from the organizer by prior arrangement:

b) Pedal raise from Mwave P2BK
a) Pedal raiser from Jahn



The competition starts with age group I and ends with age group VII.

On the day of their performance, participants must register at least 1 hour before their own audition time at the registration table marked accordingly in front of the Carl Bechstein Hall of the Casals Forum. There they will be registered and informed about the performance schedule, their audition room and any changes. You will receive a rehearsal schedule with the playing times in advance by e-mail.

There are 4 practice rooms with Bechstein grand pianos available. During the competition breaks, the C. Bechstein Concert D 282 grand piano can be tried out on the stage.

At least 10 minutes before the audition time, participants must be in front of the Carl-Bechstein-Saal, the location of the audition.

Announcement of results

At the end of each day, the results of the age groups completed by then will be announced in the Carl Bechstein Room and published on the website as a download.

Following the announcement of the results, the participants will have the opportunity to have a discussion with the jury.

Special prizes will be awarded at the end of all auditions at the announcement of results on Sunday.


  • Artistic design
  • Sound quality
  • Playing technique
  • Stylistics
  • True to text
  • Musical understanding
  • Stage presence
  • Personality
  • Originality
  • Development potential
  • Difficulty and mastery of the piece


Scoring is based on the internationally proven points system:

  1. Prize: 25/24 points
  2. Prize: 23/22 points
  3. Prize: 21/20 points.
  • participated with very good success: 17 - 19 points
  • participated with good success: 14 - 16 points
  • participated with success: 11 - 13 points
  • participated: up to 10 points


the jury

Our jurors are highly committed to promoting young talent. The musical, pianistic and personal development of the participants is equally important to them, as they are aware of the importance of personality, charisma and self-confidence for an artistic statement.


AG I - II:

1. Prize: 500€

2. Prize: 300€

3. Prize: 200€


1. Prize: 750€

2. Prize: 500€

3. Prize: 300€


1. Prize: 1.000€

2. Prize: 750€

3. Prize: 500€

The information on special prices will be updated soon. Check back here later. You can expect valuable special prizes for participation in master classes, concerts, etc. >>Special prizes 2023



All prize winners will be honored for their exceptional achievements during the prize winners' concert. Each participant will receive a certificate.

All competition participants receive free admission and a free ticket for one accompanying adult.

The decisions of the jury are final and unappealable.

The jury may award prizes in one category more than once or not at all. All prizes will be presented during the Prize Winners' Concert at the Awards Ceremony. It is expected that the prizes will be received personally by all prize winners. The respective prize money will be transferred to an account to be specified.

Important information for the winners of the first prizes and special prizes

Participation in the prizewinners' concert is obligatory for the winners of the first prizes, otherwise they lose their right to the prize awarded to them Prize. It is free of charge.

If possible, the special prizewinners will also play in the prizewinners' concert. However, there is no entitlement to participation; the jury decides on participation.

Time for your questions!

If you or your students would like to participate in the competition but still have questions, e.g. about the repertoire, the conditions of participation, the registration or digital preliminary round, you can contact the artistic director, Ulrike Danne-Feldmann.

She appreciates your interest and will be happy to answer your questions!

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