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#partner: Note magic - strong as a bear!

The Bärenreiter-Verlag, the renowned German publisher of classical music, supports the 1st International Piano Competition for children and young people in Kronberg and donates music vouchers worth 1.200€ for the young pianists who played great but did not win Prize !

Bärenreiter, with its headquarters in Kassel is one of the most important publishers, which also enjoys great international recognition! The clear layout, the high-quality paper, the engraving, the robust binding and, above all, the Urtext on the cutting edge of musicological research characterize its editions and editions and form an excellent basis for working and making music.

Bärenreiter's extensive catalog offers vocal and instrumental works in all genres from the Renaissance to contemporary music, including orchestral music and numerous complete editions and series of works.

The publishing house is very broadly positioned! In 2022, for example, Bärenreiter won the Heinrich Schütz AwardPrize because, among other things, the publishing house has rendered outstanding services to the dissemination of the previously almost forgotten composer with its complete edition of Schütz's works, which has been published since 1955 and meets the highest scholarly standards. Bärenreiter has also published THE encyclopedia without which no musician can do - the MGG (Die Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart).

And last but not least, it is perhaps no coincidence that two anniversaries coincide here and now: the first hosting of our competition and the 100th anniversary of this extraordinary publishing house.

This also rewards those contest participants for their performance, effort and endeavor who do not win Prize . They have prevailed in the preliminary round and with their playing have achieved admission to the competition. They, too, play music at a high level, delight us with their playing and deserve recognition!

We would like to thank Bärenreiter-Verlag very much for their commitment!

Ulrike Danne-Feldmann