Schedule and results

Dear pianists,
dear parents, dear teachers,

You have had to wait four weeks for this day, you have shown on the videos how beautifully and passionately you play music, how hard you have been working and now you have finally looked through the results lists on our website and Facebook page to see if your name is there.

To our great regret, he will often not be there: due to the limited time frame of the competition of 2.5 days, the jury could only admit 62 pianists from 11 countries. Unfortunately, this means that 229 participants could not be accepted.

About the procedure of the jury

The jury, consisting of Prof. Christian A. Pohl, Prof. Claudia Schellenberger and myself, took a lot of time to ensure a well-founded and well-reasoned admission of the participants!

Each member of the jury was given a table with the name, date of birth, age group, repertoire and the video of each applicant, which they processed on their own with comments and ratings (Yes, No, Maybe). Nationality, place of residence, educational institution and teacher were not known to the jury to prevent these factors from influencing the decision.

From the outset, the number of participants admitted was clear: only about 60 young pianists can be heard during the 2.5 days of the competition.

After viewing the videos, the results were combined into an overall verdict: three x yes meant clear approval, two x yes and one maybe as well. 48 participants already fell into these categories. The videos with two x yes and one no as well as one yes and two maybes went into an intermediate round, were heard again and discussed in a meeting. Finally, the final selection of 62 approved participants was made.

The jury is very keen to address you all with a few lines:

Statement of the jury

Dear pianists,

We were allowed to listen to 291 videos from 33 nations and it was a very special pleasure for us! We are impressed and enthusiastic about your playing, your sense of sound, your musical and pianistic abilities, your joy of playing and your passion. The level was extraordinarily high in many parts!

With so much high quality, a very careful sifting of the videos was called for. We did not make the selection easy and listened to many videos several times. Due to the limited time frame of the competition of 2.5 days, we had to choose from about 60 participants. Thus, many decisions were also very close.

Just know that we thank each and every one of you from the bottom of our hearts for the enjoyment your videos have given us!

Our special thanks also go to your teachers who support you with so much commitment!

Congratulations to the approved participants! You can look forward to a great and exciting competition! We wish you much success, wonderful experiences and lots of musical encounters!

All the best from your jury - keep up the good work!

Prof. Christian A. Pohl
Prof. Claudia Schellenberger
Ulrike Danne-Feldmann

Prof. C. A. Pohl
Prof. C. Schellenberger
Ulrike Danne-Feldmann

Schedule and performance times

Friday, March 31, 2023

Saturday, April 1, 2023

Sunday, April 2, 2023

List of approved participants (alphabetical)

Last NameFirst NameCountryAgeAge Group
AkopianAdamNL14AG V born 2008/2009
AokiSophia YumiEN9AG III born 2012/2013
BarzinjyBale (Shad)EN9AG III born 2012/2013
BastiaensAkariBE10AG III born 2012/2013
BeyerAmélie MayumiEN7AG I born 2016/2017 (until 31.03.2017)
BeyerChloé AyumiEN9AG III born 2012/2013
BilbijaLukaEN17AG VII born 2003 (from 01.04.2003)/2004/2005
BrechlerToby OliasEN17AG VII born 2003 (from 01.04.2003)/2004/2005
CeralováEva MariaEN12AG IV born 2010/2011
ChmurovaMariaSK8AG II born 2014/2015
ChmurovaAnnaSK10AG III born 2012/2013
DanylevskaVasilisaUA16AG VI: born 2006/2007
ForsterAenneEN15AG VI: born 2006/2007
GalushkinaAleksandraEE10AG III born 2012/2013
GasserLucianCH16AG VI: born 2006/2007
González GerwigValeria ErandiEN13AG V born 2008/2009
GuToniEN8AG II born 2014/2015
HajeSimonEN17AG VII born 2003 (from 01.04.2003)/2004/2005
HiemstraChristian-PeterGB12AG IV born 2010/2011
PennantMarie ElisaEN11AG IV born 2010/2011
HollmerFrieda MagdaleneEN8AG II born 2014/2015
HouOscarEN12AG IV born 2010/2011
HuangYuxinEN11AG IV born 2010/2011
HöferlinCelinaEN12AG IV born 2010/2011
MerchantJuliaEN14AG V born 2008/2009
BasementStellaEN13AG V born 2008/2009
KitaKarenGB8AG II born 2014/2015
KokhanovskiiDeniRU12AG IV born 2010/2011
KonoldCatherineEN14AG V born 2008/2009
LamaniChiaraAT16AG VI: born 2006/2007
LiJohnny Jia-JunEN17AG VII born 2003 (from 01.04.2003)/2004/2005
MajewskiLena JosephineEN17AG VII born 2003 (from 01.04.2003)/2004/2005
MandlerClaraEN16AG VI: born 2006/2007
MoselleGotthardEN18AG VII born 2003 (from 01.04.2003)/2004/2005
NailMichaelEN17AG VII born 2003 (from 01.04.2003)/2004/2005
NeumannElenaEN12AG IV born 2010/2011
NingDarwinEN6AG I born 2016/2017 (until 31.03.2017)
ChanterelleNaïmaCH12AG IV born 2010/2011
PiatscheckCharlotte-FlorentineEN10AG III born 2012/2013
SmokeSebastianEN16AG VI: born 2006/2007
RautnerEva EmiliaAT14AG V born 2008/2009
SalaruAndreasEN17AG VII born 2003 (from 01.04.2003)/2004/2005
ShepherdAdele-MarieEN16AG VI: born 2006/2007
ShiHenryCH13AG V born 2008/2009
SiegenthalerMariusEN18AG VII born 2003 (from 01.04.2003)/2004/2005
TamuraSonaAT11AG IV born 2010/2011
VolkovaVasilisaEN8AG II born 2014/2015
VozňukValentinaCZ8AG II born 2014/2015
WagnerSophie ElizabethEN9AG III born 2012/2013
WagnerAlexander WilliamEN14AG V born 2008/2009
WallValeriaEN13AG V born 2008/2009
WangEvaAT12AG IV born 2010/2011
WangTantanEN15AG VI: born 2006/2007
WeiEliseEN6AG I born 2016/2017 (until 31.03.2017)
WuLuoviEN7AG II born 2014/2015
YuanLindaEN12AG IV born 2010/2011
ZakharovaSofiaEN17AG VII born 2003 (from 01.04.2003)/2004/2005
ZhangEileen HanyuEN7AG I born 2016/2017 (until 31.03.2017)
ZhangShukaiEN10AG III born 2012/2013
ZhengJinlinEN11AG IV born 2010/2011
ZhuMaximilian HongchengEN9AG III born 2012/2013
ZhuMartinEN9AG III born 2012/2013